Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here goes something!

First post . . .new to blogging

I guess I'll start out telling a little bit about myself and what I do!

Bio/background stuff

I graduated with a business degree from The University of Georgia in May of this year (2008). I have 6 years experience in carpentry/building for retail and wholesale stores and showrooms. Including building product displays and working in windows for various stores. Doing this work spurred me to follow the path I'm taking right now.

That being said directly after graduating from College I started my own business DA custom frames in June 2008. The main aspect of the business is building completely hand made picture frames including hand milling the wood, than putting the frames together, and hand finishing each frame individually.

here's a few examples of my recent work

You can see my newest frame creations forsale by going to my Etsy store


Get more information about me or by frames through email

Until next time!
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