Monday, November 17, 2008

Silver Leafing

This post is all about silver leafing/gilding

I have recently posted my silver leafed frames


I have discovered that the most important part of leafing is the base coat. . . I spray my frames with paint and I sand each frame between each coat. . .The trick I have found to get the smoothest finish is by using 000 steal wool.

After getting the initial base coats finished, I brush on adhesive with a foam roller.

Wait 30 min.

And start putting on the Leaf

You can use wax paper to hold the leaf while adhering it to your surface.
I choose to just hold the individual sheets with my fingers. . .I feel I have the most control with this method.

After I'm finished adhering the entire surface I spray gloss sealer.

Check out the pictures below. . .the first few are for sale on my etsy site

Also I posted a picture of the pretty large order I just filled for a newly married couple in the United Kingdom

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