Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The killer frame project

I am writing about the process behind creating this copper floating mirror frame below. . .

I'm not quite sure how I came up with this idea. . .It all kind of just came to me at once. . .From start to finish I definitely had a single design idea that I seemed to stick with! (this does not happen much for me)

anyways here are some quick steps that I took to create this frame

1: Hand built inside and out side frames out of poplar hardwood
2: Drilled over 600 holes to be able to string all the wire and create the floating effect
3: Sprayed both inside and outside frames flat black
4: Copper leafed both frames, with genuine copper leaf
5: I "spray" sealed both frames with a clear gloss sealer
6: installed the mirror into the smaller frame with a piece of acid-free foam board backing.
7: Now I was ready to start stringing the two frames together
8: I used copper speaker wire that I split into two strings (it came with a double wire)
9: This took over 6 hours to wire the two frames together with over 130 FEET !!! of copper wire.
(My arms were so tired after this part, you'd be surprised how tough it was)
10: I installed hanging hardware
11: It was finished and ready to hang on the wall

here are a few more pics you can also see it for sale at my etsy shop

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