Monday, August 17, 2009

Kids game Using wooden frame cut-off scraps

Since I recently relocated to Athens, GA I have started getting involved at the local Boys and Girls Club. . .Every Wednesday and Friday I volunteer/hang out with the kids doing art.

I've been trying to come up with some unique ideas that the kids have never done before and/or have never really thought was "ART" before. . .So I came up with a sculpture building game.

I had a huge box of scrape wood cut-offs and I have no use for them so I thought they would be a great thing to use for art at the B and G club.

The game is kind of the reverse of Jenga

Here's how it's played;
1. Each player in the group goes in order and takes a block out of a box and places it on the playing board (flat piece of wood placed in the center of the table)
2. The player has only 10 seconds to pick a block, glue it, and place it on the game board.
3. If the player fails to do step 2 in the 10 sec. he or she is eliminated from the game.
4. An additional rule I added to the game is no player can touch any of the blocks when it is not their turn or they are also eliminated.
5. Now the main challenge in the game is to not have any blocks touch the table when it is your turn. . .You are eliminated if: Any block hits the table during your turn, even if you just drop your piece while you are trying to put it onto the game board.

To sum it up the game went pretty well. . .3/4 of the kids said the game was fun, So I'll take that as a success!

If you want to play the game and any of directions are not clear let me know and I can clarify.


Kathryn said...

That sounds like fun! I wanna play!!! :)

DA custom frames said...

I might of had more fun than the kids. . .haha