Thursday, October 6, 2011

progress in the studio

I have been wanting to post more pictures of the progress in the front showroom of our studio. Check out the transition from the start of our "cove style" display wall to how it looks today. I still have to add "cove style" frame samples on one side and have floating frame storage towards the bottom of the wall.

The above two pictures show the floating 8 foot by 8 foot wall that was mounted 3/4 inch off the cinder block wall to create a floating look. The wall was created using two sheets of 1/2" mdf attached to 3/4" furring strips. Before mounting the floating wall the cinder block wall received two coats of "Aspen Gray" valspar paint.

Notice the progress in the above picture. The floating wall has been painted in a pure white eggshell enamel paint and the floors have also been painted using a satin white porch paint. You can also see the two black chalk boards that have been mounted to the front of the wall.

I began hanging frames as you can see in the above two pictures. I was really happy with how the 16x16" white cove frame was about the same size as the four 5x7 red cove frames. At this point I noticed I had hung the two mirrors too high, but I was able to come up with a solution without having to re-hang them. You can see in the below pictures, I hand painted the "cove style" logo to fill in the extra space.


Meredith Bower Holt said...

Absolutely stunning! Great design.

laura elizabeth said...

david, these look awesome! miss y'all. -laura scott

DA custom frames said...

Thanks so much Meredith and Laura. . .We miss you too Laura!