Thursday, April 23, 2009

10:1 ratio

10:1 ratio

The 10:1 ratio is set up, so that every 10 frames I sell, I will donate 1 frame to a deserving cause. . .Because this is a new charitable outlet for me, I am still brainstorming all of the possible places that I want to give back to. For starters I am donating frames to a few local area schools. I will be updating this section of the website soon, with more details and pictures.

Today I am working on building 30 frames for my 10:1 donation ratio. . .I plan to donate them to two elementary school classes. . .Here is the style frame that I am building, but in a 4x6" size

Hopefully when the kids are done "painting/decorating/covering" these frames, they won't look anything like they do now. . . I can't wait to post more pictures of the finished frames.

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